Makeup Tools

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$ 45.000

Our irresistible clutch with translucent base is perfect for you to keep all your pretty things safe!

Size 24cm x 19cm

$ 35.500

Cause we know you choose to shine say hello to the perfect double pocket make up bag! Perfect to carry all your must have with style!.

Size 22.5 cm x 13.5cm.

$ 45.000

We know you'll adore to sparkle & shine with the coolest and big enough holo make up bag!


Size 20cm x 11cm.

$ 27.000

Bring some magic to your daily life with our gorgeous pencil case! Perfect for school, work or everyday routine.

SIZE 21,5CM X 10CM. Ideal size to keep all your must haves.

$ 14.500

Soft sponges perfect for liquid and creamy makeup application.

Use thin part for a better application in difficult areas like eyes and nose. Use the wider part for a natural appearance in bigger areas.

size: 5.0 x 4.5 cm

$ 15.000

you'll love the most colorful set of make-up and cleaning tools!

0Size 5.5cm X 0,6mm.

pack for 8 units


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